Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I took Jackson's picture this morning while he was playing in his ball pit. The sun was coming in the window and nicely lighting him. I heard Joni in my ear saying "Look at that wonderful natural light." So I got the camera and took a few shots. Not quite a Joni pic, but not too bad. And Jackson was happy and posed well.

He hasn't played in his ball pit for about a month or more. I put the lid on it to get a break from having to pick up a hundred colorful balls from my kitchen floor every night. His favorite game was getting in and flailing about spilling most of the balls out to roll everywhere. I just put the lid on it and we both forgot about it. Then today he whined and made it very clear that I needed to take the lid off. So I did, resigning myself to ball retrieval later. But an interesting change of modus operandi has occurred. Now Jackson plays in the pit by putting balls in the bucket. Or balancing one ball in the little trowel. What astounded me was that any time a ball escaped and rolled away, the boy had to stop playing, get out, and go get the ball. Instead of sending balls flying with glee, it bothered him when a ball escaped.

I just find the fundamental shift in thinking that must have occurred amazing and though I understand this is going to keep happening, I am sure I will be surprised by him many, many more times in the coming years. Big Fun!


Fire Berry said...

Nice! Lovely light, good photo! ;-)


jooley_ann said...

Hm! The MO change from gleefully tossing to carefully placing the balls in strategic locations *is* interesting! When I watched him stack and unstack cans at my house, I thought, "He's so purposeful at this work of his!"

It was really cool. It's like watching his brain wiring itself up...*as* it is actually occuring!

I know next to nothing about these things, but he seems like an exceptionally bright kiddo to me!