Friday, September 22, 2006

If I were a professional cyclist, I'd be banned...

So in the continuing "what's wrong with Marsha" saga, I have a new culprit to report. My docs tested all my hormone levels to see where I sit. They suspect that funky hormones are responsible for the migraines and regular headaches I have been having. My estrogen and progesterone look good, they are finally rebounding from pregnancy and nursing for 9 months. But guess what I am deficient in - testosterone. Doc said she likes to see a level of around 40 and I am at 12. 12 what, I dunno, 12 something. Is there a specific unit of measure for testosterone? Heh, why don't we call them joules. So I measure 12 joules of testosterone - a similar level of a post- menopausal woman.

This probably doesn't have much to do with the headaches, they think my estrogen levels coming back up are a more likely cause. But the lack of testosterone has many effects on a girl. I know, cause I googled it. Seems that testosterone helps the body make muscle and bone, which is why after menopause women tend to get softer and are susceptible to osteoporosis.

But the single most common complaint of women with low testosterone is low libido. It is responsible for sex drive in women the same as it is in men. And I must confess this is something I have suffered from - or should I say that poor David has done the suffering - since the baby Jackson joined us. I was happy to hear that there really is a cause and not just the old standby - that having a baby kills your sex life forever and that is just the way it is.

I was prescribed a supplement in the form of a cream that I use twice a week. I do fear growing a mustache or getting bacne, but they assured me that in this dosage that was very unlikely to happen. David says, "Who cares? You can shave like me..."

So we shall see how it goes. I can report preliminary success though. But we are getting into TMI, aren't we? I apologize for any lingering imagery. Just think of me as the Floyd Landis of the bedroom...

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