Thursday, June 15, 2006

Heh, we got 4 out of 5 Red Poppies...

The Williamson County Sun reviewed us for their Wed edition. Apparently they liked what they saw. On their infamous red poppy scale we received 4 out of 5. There are several great pictures of the show on the front page of their Life section- a big one of me that I actually like, even. And I got a mention - "The lovely Marsha Sray plays Rosalind...Her fresh face and talent should be seen again in Georgetown."

Not bad, I must say, for a girl back from a 2 year hiatus. Made me smile and my mom is so proud. She's showing the newspaper to her co-workers at the hospital right now, I am sure.
The Round Rock Leader also did a big write-up on the show. Our main poster pic made the front page of the Diversions section and there are a few more pics inside. I don't like the one of me though. I look like I have terrible posture. It may just be the scene we were doing - they are live photos - but it makes me want to be more aware of how I carry myself onstage. I can't go around with slumped shoulders when I am supposed to be the ingenue.

Not like anyone will know it is me anyway, as the picture is labeled incorrectly; says I am another actor and another character. And her picture says she is me and my character. Arg. So typical of reviews. I am almost more surprised when pictures are correctly captioned. Oh well. Not going to be bothered too much by that one. At least the G'town paper got it right.

So I have been working in the Palace office for almost a year now. And people have gotten used to me being here with the baby. Folks on the board of directors come by often with tasks so they know me as 'the office gal' as do all the volunteers that I oversee. But after seeing the show, the reception I have gotten has changed a bit. After opening night, a few of the board members came up to tell me they'd had no idea I was a performer and wanted to know where I had trained. Volunteers have expressed delight and surprise that I am in this show. I think they are getting now that I am not just some young mom who needed work. Truth is that the Palace sought me out to join them. It is nice to be recognized for who I am. Yes, I am a super-organized office person with years of experience. But I also know theatre and am an asset to the organization for more than my computer skills. It was just about time I let them in on it.

Ok, ok, enough of me tooting my own horn. I am just happy that this show has opened well and that the people I work with know me a little bit better.

Ooh, the hubby is auditioning this weekend for "Anything Goes!" I hope he gets a good part. I want to hear his gorgeous tenor voice filling the auditorium again. Though the last time he was in a musical, I was so overcome with the power of his voice - that I wound up pregnant. Let's hope I am a little more careful this time....

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